The New Certification Program: Stay informed

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Work has been underway to translate the profession’s visionary Competency Map 2.0 into a modernized certification model — one that reimagines education to prepare students for the future of work.

The New Certification Program will determine the next evolution of the CPA certification and education process, including where, when and how the skills and competencies laid out in the map will be learned and assessed. It will equip aspiring CPAs with the competencies to lead businesses forward while maintaining the critical knowledge, analytical skills and ethical mindset for which the profession is renowned.

Rapid developments in education technology, learning assessment and consumer expectations call for a new way of learning defined by genuine engagement, personalization, digital accessibility and action learning. In response, we’re committed to building an attractive, inclusive and innovative certification program that protects the public while meeting the diverse and evolving needs of learners, the market and governments. Because we don’t want schooling to hamper the education process, eliminating some of the administrative hurdles of the current program will be key to fostering a learning environment that truly puts the learner first.

To deliver on that commitment, we have consulted with learners, educators, employers, mentors, CPA members, and others to help inform and shape the new model. A diverse and knowledgeable team from across the CPA profession is leveraging their expertise, considering the input from the consultations and other engagement opportunities, and reviewing the findings from market research, while ensuring the profession’s high standards are upheld as they define a modern certification program.