Recent updates to CRA login services

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) process  Further to a recommendation we made last spring, the CRA has recently updated its MFA process by allowing users to opt whether they want to input the MFA passcode each time they sign in, or to just input the “one-time” MFA passcode once every 8 hours if the user is using the same device. Users logging into Represent a Client, My Account or My Business account for the first time after this update will be prompted to make this selection. Once the 8-hour period elapses, a new code will have to be entered when logging in and you can again select the 8-hour option. 

This should be welcome news for many members as we enter into the 2022 tax filing season.

New email address requirement for My Account (MyA) – As noted in our January 6, 2022 news item, the CRA’s requirement for taxpayers to provide their email address to use MyA is now live. Taxpayers logging in for the fist time to MyA after this update will be prompted for their email address if there is not one already on file. If an email address is not provided, the taxpayer will not be able to access MyA. Also, all taxpayers have the option to receive CRA correspondence by mail or an email notification (if you have an email address on file already, you will have to go under “Personal Profile” to select your notification preferences).

Finally, as previously noted, the CRA has confirmed with us that mandatory email addresses in My Business Account and Represent a Client are not required at this time.

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