Reminder: Enhanced security requirements to CRA’s Represent a Client could impact access

As many firms and practitioners prepare for the upcoming 2023 tax filing busy season, we wanted to remind you of the new security requirements that CRA implemented to Represent a Client (RAC) last fall. See our October 17, 2022, news item for more details. As noted in the item, it is possible that some representatives did not provide certain personal information to the CRA in the past and, starting last fall, their ability to access RAC has been restricted until specific steps were taken.

These changes could impact RAC access, so if you or any of your team members have not yet provided the additional personal information required as part of this security enhancement, we recommend logging in to Represent a Client now to ensure you aren’t held up with the new process in the midst of busy season. This will be particularly important if you bring in temporary personnel who have a RepID during tax season as it may have been some time since they have tried to access RAC.

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