Byrd & Chen’s Canadian Tax Principles: Tax guidance you can trust

Byrd & Chen’s Canadian Tax Principles provides straightforward answers to personal and corporate tax questions. With over 700 pages of reliable information, it will help you resolve tax issues in your general practice.

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Turn to this easy-to-understand guide when you need straightforward answers to common personal, corporate or GST/HST tax questions. Written for professionals who include tax work in their general practice, Canadian Tax Principles will help to shine a light on the key issues in tax problems and provide you with the answers you need to solve them.

You will find:

  • topically organized commentary and examples
  • schedules of tax rates and other data (including websites)
  • sample tax returns­ —­T1 and T2
  • extensive numerical examples throughout the text
  • a glossary which defines more than 500 terms used in tax work
  • coverage of 2019 federal budget changes, the 2018 Fall Economic Statement, and the 2019 Economic Fiscal Update
  • references to the Income Tax Act or related materials