EY’s guide to Canada’s foreign affiliate taxation rules

Read more about our easy-to-use reference guide designed to assist Canadian tax professionals in understanding the main aspects of the Canadian taxation rules concerning investments in foreign affiliates.

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Gain insight into the taxation of foreign affiliates

EY’s Guide to Canada’s Foreign Affiliate Taxation Rules provides commentary on the relevant Canadian tax legislation as of November 2022, and reflects judicial decisions and our understanding of the current administrative policies and assessing practices as published by the Canadian tax authorities as of that date.

It includes

  • clear and authoritative commentary
  • hundreds of detailed examples
  • purpose notes on each relevant provision in the Income Tax Act
  • T1134 compliance guide

The searchable database is available as a standalone product, or if you’re subscribing to the Federal Income Tax Collection Platinum, we’ll integrate it with your collection. For pricing, please contact your sales representative at 1-855-769-0905.