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Upgrade your innovation expertise with these essential resources

Unlock the power of technology and innovation with these essential resources, courses, podcasts, talks and more

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Illustration of man in lightbulb looking into distanceStaying up to date on the latest and greatest innovations has become a must for CPAs (Shutterstock)

In a rapidly changing world, it can be tricky to keep your finger on the pulse of tech and other trends. But staying up to date on the latest and greatest innovations has also become a must for CPAs. To provide some guideposts on this learning journey, we’ve curated a list of resources—from podcasts and TED talks to papers and courses—to help you stay ahead of the curve.


The ONE National Conference
This year, CPA Canada’s annual conference celebrates a decade of offering insight into emerging industry trends and opportunities to enhance expertise. Titled “Evolution of the enterprise," the event will focus on empowering CPAs to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape. Key topics will include technology, business efficiency and sustainability, risk management and regulatory compliance. The potential impact of artificial intelligence (such as ChatGPT) on the accounting profession will also be covered.

The Innovation Mindset: Eight Essential Steps to Transform
Whether you’re an innovation leader or an emerging explorer, this guide serves as a conceptual framework for fostering an innovation mindset. Discover the “eight laws of innovation” and gain insights from real-life case studies, along with strategic templates and planning frameworks to bring your ideas to life.

CPA Careers: Transitions and Transformations
Light and easy to read, this fascinating report from CPA Alberta discusses the CPA’s mindset in an innovative world. What changes are happening currently and what’s on the horizon? Based on extensive research and expert consultation, the report provides valuable insights and takeaways that are essential for CPAs to chart and advance their careers successfully.

Systems Innovations: Reimagining the Role of the Professional Accountant in Today's Environment
Faced with disruptive forces such as AI, data analytics and digitization, how can the accounting profession adapt to provide value and drive innovative best practices? This collaborative report from CPA Canada and Innovation North spells out why pivoting from hindsight-focused accounting to a foresight-focused mindset is critical for professional competency.

What is Design Thinking and Why Is It So Popular?
Many leading corporations and institutions (think: Apple, Google, Harvard, Stanford and Samsung) have embraced “design thinking”—a problem-solving approach that emphasizes empathy, collaboration and experimentation. This popular framework for innovation aims to understand the needs and desires of users, identify opportunities for innovation and develop creative solutions to complex problems. In this article, learn more about the design thinking process and how it can help you develop and launch dynamic new ideas.


A CPA's Introduction to AI: From Algorithms to Deep Learning
Jointly issued by CPA Canada and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), this resource serves as a foundational guide for CPAs, demystifying AI buzzwords and exploring the potential impact of AI on the profession. A good starting point to dip your toes into the complex world of AI.

Robotics automation in accounting
If you’re looking to increase business efficiency, reduce errors, and ultimately, give your business a competitive edge in an increasingly digital world, there are two offerings that might be of interest. The first is an online course that teaches you how to leverage robotic process automation (RPA) for accounts payable and receivable, providing step-by-step instructions to create impactful bots, streamline workflows and explore practical solutions. The second is a certificate program that explores the benefits of RPA, enabling businesses to become more agile and competitive. Through six online modules and quizzes, you’ll learn the risks, opportunities and organizational impact of RPA, how to build a business case, run a proof-of-concept and implement automation successfully.

Change Your Mindset Podcast: Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Accounting with Jody Padar (Season 3, Episode 9)
Can artificial intelligence enhance your accounting practice? In this podcast, guest expert Jody Padar shares how a combo of AI, machine learning and skilled accountants can provide innovative bookkeeping and pre-accounting solutions.

What in the world is ChatGPT? We asked a CPA to explain
ChatGPT is all the rage these days and has become a versatile tool with widespread uptake across industries and professions. In this Q+A with Malik Datardina—a governance, risk, and compliance strategist with Auvenir and volunteer for CPA Canada’s Audit and Assurance Technology Committee article—CPA Canada explores the implications of ChatGPT for CPAs and accounting practices.


Blockchain fundamentals certificate
Gain a solid understanding of blockchain technology and crypto-assets with this comprehensive new program. Through seven interactive modules, you’ll explore practical applications, emerging trends, technological controls, best practices, risk management and more. Upon completion, you’ll be equipped to implement blockchain solutions within your organization or for your clients.

Podcast: Crypto with Accountants
Get a crash course into the mind-boggling realm of crypto accounting with this one-of-a-kind podcast. In each episode, the hosts and their expert guests dive into the intricacies of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain-based technologies, providing a solid base for CPAs thirsting to learn about crypto trends.

PwC’s accounting podcast: Cryptocurrency? Digital asset? What’s the accounting?
This thought-provoking episode explores the accounting implications of digital assets and cryptocurrencies, and how the increasing use of digital assets will redefine financial services. You’ll delve into the crypto landscape, regulatory updates, different types of digital assets and more.


Digital transformation: The national picture
In 2020, the CPA profession conducted a national survey to assess the impact of COVID-19 on members’ digital transformation efforts. This article from CPA British Columbia explains how the pandemic triggered many organizations to fast-track digital transformations that led to greater efficiencies and productivity.

Foresight: The CPA Podcast: The importance of driving innovation while navigating turbulent times (Season 4, Episode 5)
In this podcast episode, Chris Dulny, CPA, chief digital data and innovation officer at PWC Canada, explains how embracing data analytics, adopting advanced technologies and fostering a culture of innovation can help companies stay competitive in a digitally disruptive world.


Building a Risk Management Framework for Trustworthy AI
This paper helps CPAs grasp the opportunities and risks of AI systems while understanding the importance of proper risk management and ethical frameworks. Discover how CPAs can contribute to the responsible design and implementation of trustworthy AI systems.

How great leaders innovate responsibly
In this 12-minute TED Talk, business leader Ken Chenault offers his views on how leaders can drive positive change and responsible innovation in times of uncertainty. Chenault emphasizes the importance of inspiring hope and investing in initiatives that uplift people while promoting equality and fairness.

Identifying and Mitigating Bias and Mis- and Disinformation
With “fake news” and disinformation swirling in the cybersphere, there are new challenges to providing credible information to clients. This paper helps CPAs decipher the hurdles of unreliable information, as well as provides strategies for countering bias, mitigating mis- and disinformation, and protecting against its dissemination.


Make sure to check out our roundup of three offerings (The ONE, the new Sustainability/ESG certificate and the Advanced Data Management certificate) that will help you stay ahead of the curve while boosting your CPD credits.

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