Member research initiatives

We value the insights of our members and conduct a variety of surveys to gauge your views on issues of interest to the profession and the Canadian economy.

Research initiatives involve both a broad approach and a focused effort in collecting the viewpoints of our members. Here are some examples:

Member research panel

The Member Research Panel provides timely insights about key issues through short surveys throughout the year. Surveys may be conducted around topics such as federal government policy initiatives, budget and economic updates, as well as other matters of interest to the profession. Only active members may join this panel. Employees of CPA Canada and provincial CPA bodies are not eligible to join.

Business Monitor

The quarterly CPA Canada Business Monitor draws upon business insights of professional accountants in leadership positions in privately and publicly held companies. These individuals not only know the nuts and bolts of their respective companies, they also see and understand the bigger picture affecting their business and the economy as a whole.

NielsenIQ is commissioned to conduct these surveys. See the results of past Business Monitor reports.

Member compensation

We conduct compensation surveys of Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) every two years. Compensation data is based on approximately 30,000 voluntary responses from members residing in Canada and abroad. Members may view results of the 2019 survey.

Note: Interviewing is currently taking place for the 2021 Member Compensation Study. This study normally runs every other year, and we ask for compensation information in the previous year, as at the point we send out survey invitations is usually a few months prior to the end of the year. This year we encountered a couple of delays and sent out survey invitations later than we would have hoped. To keep it consistent with previous years we are asking for 2020 compensation data.