Introducing the Canadian Ideal of Good Business

The Canadian Ideal of Good Business is the heart of the CPA profession. Hear trailblazing CPAs describe what “good business” in Canada means to them in a new video series.

The Canadian Ideal of Good Business is the higher purpose of the CPA profession. It speaks to the union of society and economy — a quintessentially Canadian value and trait.

As CPAs, we embody the CIoGB in upholding our reputation for clarity, acumen, astute action and sound judgement. Good business in Canada is what we stand for as a profession. It's why we do what we do.

Breaking it down

There are two key elements that make up the Canadian Ideal of Good Business:

  1. The Canadian ideal: Canadians are known around the world as peacekeepers, fair witnesses and champions of human rights. The Canadian Ideal of Good Business focuses on the traits of good business that also define what it means to be Canadian.
  2. Good business: Good business refers to the interconnected space where social development and economic development thrive and feed each other. Good business is good in every sense of the word: it adds value, delivers profit, and succeeds in the long term. It focuses on growth without greed and results in compassionate prosperity.

How it all fits together

Diagram of interlocking components of Canadian Ideal of Good Business: 1. Business, Industry, Economic Profitability 2. Society, Community, Environment 3. Fairness, Compassion, Inclusiveness, Equality

Check out our videos to hear trailblazing CPAs describe what the profession's purpose means to them.