Skills and human capital

Canada’s future depends heavily on the skills, knowledge and abilities of its people. We draw on our experience building one of the world’s leading accounting professions to promote policies for the workforce of tomorrow.

CPA Canada’s core function is to establish the qualification standards, and develop the education curriculum, the course materials, the practical experience requirements and the examinations to ensure that Canadian CPAs have the skills and professional competencies demanded by employers. The high standards we set and enforce maintain CPA Canada’s reputation as one of the world’s pre-eminent accounting designations.

This work developing highly skilled accounting, finance and business professionals, along with our relationships and partnerships with education institutions and employers, gives us a particular perspective to bring to the challenges of addressing Canada’s labour market needs. Canada needs to educate its young people with the skills required for the future, it needs to do more to include under-represented groups in the workforce, it needs to attract and integrate highly skilled international talent, and it needs to instill a culture of lifelong learning in order to prepare for change and uncertainty. CPA Canada is actively involved in doing all of these things.

Drawing on this experience, CPA Canada contributes to public policy in the areas of:

  • acquiring the skills needed by business and industry
  • addressing the opportunities and challenges of technological change
  • attracting, integrating and retaining international talent through immigration
  • extending opportunity to under-represented groups
  • recognizing the value of professional services in today’s economy


CPA Canada's Submission on the National Conversation on Immigration Consultation, August 2016