Policy briefs: Rebuilding the Canadian economy

Rebuilding the Canadian economy in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic is a critical challenge. We are contributing to policy-making with a series of concise policy briefs in priority areas.

COVID-19’s impact on the Canadian economy cannot be understated. Pandemic-related business shutdowns have led to the largest contractions in real GDP and job losses in history. More challenging for policy makers, the cause and impacts of this recession are unprecedented, meaning the measures to revive the economy must also be original. With an end to the pandemic in sight, the role of policy-making is vitally important.

With this challenge in mind, we are issuing a short series of concise policy briefs in key areas for the government’s rebuilding agenda. Each brief expands on one of our key recommendations in our pre-budget submission while also referring to commitments outlined in the Speech from the Throne Speech and/or the Fall Economic Statement.